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   healthy living ideas quickly became popular in recent years, and healthy drinking water is to get the attention of the general public, in order to protect their families healthy water to drink, many people are home water purifier installed. Reporter in the interview that, in the purchase of a water purifier, a number of consumers are concerned about the issue of after-sales service.

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   "This is my purchase of a second Patio water purifier, intended to give parents fitted. This is a good brand of machine filtering effect, but I pay more attention to their attentive service." Beijing public Liu told reporters that in his view, to buy water purifiers are two key factors, a quality product look hard enough, look at two served, but off. It is understood that, in order to provide consumers with the perfect water purification experience, Patio in the efforts to build high-quality products, but also for pre and after-sales service for a new upgrade.

   strengthened pre-sales consulting everyone is clean water expert

   "Patio requirements, as long as consumers into the Patio stores, each salesperson must hospitality, understanding consumer demand, and consumer counseling to answer questions carefully. "Patio store manager introduced the next line, in order to meet consumer demand, every sales person needs to learn more about product performance, features, advantages and use of attention precautions to avoid consumers from the full understanding of the information to buy inappropriate products. Patio stressed that only own sales staff to become experts in water purification, in order to help provide professional drinking water solutions.

   Chinas vast territory, water quality is vastly different, consumers advance understanding of local water quality, and targeted to buy water purification products based on the actual situation is essential. In order to give consumers more comprehensive pre-sales consulting, Patio costly effort to build the Chinese online water quality database. Patio consumers can visit the official website at the bottom of the page entering the water quality data query page, you can check on local water conditions, so that consumers buy products was a great convenience.

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   after-sales experience comprehensive upgrade to build a new water purification

   is different from the traditional household appliances, water purifiers high dependence on after-sales service, left the timely, comprehensive after-sales service, water purification products itself just a bunch of parts. It is precisely because the water industry also have a "Three products, seven services," the statement, which shows the importance of after-sales service for the water purifier.

   Patio aware purification product itself particularityIt is particularly strict service requirements. It is understood Patio on the existing basis of after-sales service system has been further enriched and improved, currently in the country already has more than 15,000 service outlets, and the establishment of a standardized CSM customer management system, detailed records of user information. It is worth mentioning that the Patio also established a service call centers, customer service team of over 100 people 365 days year-round, reply, answer user consultation, the perfect solution because the market after-sales network coverage area expansion appears not timely follow-up The problem.

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   "Patio telephone booking service efficiency is very high, not only to install aftermarket master Patio detailed, fast, and gave us a lot about the drinking fountains maintenance, maintenance knowledge." Beijing residents Liu told reporters. For subsequent maintenance problems Water Purifier, Patio also gives a solution. Patio required after-sales service team, not only to do maintenance work product itself, but also to carry out regular visits to the user for the core services, including telephone interviews the user to properly use the product, improve user files, timely to remind the user to clean or replace the filter, reverse red and so on.

   "pre-sales, after-sales service is a major bottleneck in the development of the water industry, water purification enterprises only by constantly improve the service system, in order to allow consumers to enjoy clean water should live." Insiders said, by a series of after-sales service, Patio been highly recognized by consumers, build consumer confidence in the water industry, but also in the industry to establish a service model.

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