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   increasingly serious water pollution, making it more and more dependence on water purification products. The first-tier cities with residents to enhance the quality of life, in terms of selecting water purifier, more focused on high-end products. In recent years, a number of outstanding domestic water purifier brand rise, and moving into the high-end market. High-end water purification products high price, high positioning, its marketing is also very particular, in this regard, the water purification industry can get some references from other successful business marketing strategy.




water purifier high-end marketing strategy to learn from other successful industries (picture from the network)

   First, extract the coordinates, precise positioning

   [123 ] value proposition of high-end products can be considered from three aspects:

   First, the demands of foreign consumers: for example, to show off, such as the iPhone is now sought after products.

   The second is to meet their internal demands: for example, special hobbies, collections. Like some distinguished works of art, handicrafts, ornaments and so on.

   The third is able to produce high value on their own, such as helping to bring health and other aspects of themselves and their families. You put a good value proposition, Mozhun consumers most sensitive nerve of the time, the price is just a word games.

   If the high-end products as the main demands from the functional material and then basically dead end, like mahogany products, and more to speculation rare collections, the same story.

   Second, establish a reputation, public relations hype

   high-end consumer products, word of mouth more than anything else. Water purifier business have to do is establish a reputation and hype out.

   marketing of high-end water purification products follow the principle of "first, advertising second public relations," the. Relying on high-density ad bombing in a short time is not high-end brands of water purification products. More high-end water purification products rely on word of mouth, word of mouth and public relations is to rely on to complete. For example, held a reception on the market, client party, or take business marketing, word of mouth to let this high credibility publicity strategy to become the high-end water purifier brand marketing, lubricants and propellant. Such as Rolls-Royce cars in mainland China and Hong Kong, we will make extensive use of public ways to lower costs and establish a good brand image and publicity - this promotion model, just to further consolidate the productConsumer circles, has proven to be an effective way of marketing.

   Third, create topics, to attract the eye

   high-end water purification products, show marketing is to create an appropriate topic and widely disseminated, and good product packaging, on the shop waiting consumers door. Before the door of consumers, text and image information on the product has been established corps, took turns to attack over the consumer world, information media and marketing bombing in advance of the creation of a very fascinating image of their brand.

   Fourth, the top user, the spiritual leader of

   water purification products for high-end brands, those noble social status, with user-era influence, such as royalty, famous politicians, literature such as the original home may be the only brand of products showed a preference, but also inadvertently achievements of the added value of these brands. Today, they have become more influence consumer brand spokesperson. Most high-end brands are using water purification products effective ways to promote their top customers, will undoubtedly have a more powerful consumer appeal.

   Fifth, value-added services, indirect points

   a leading brand of ultra-high foreign service is located in Tokyos Ginza district a certain high-end home goods stores, a Sunday will be for customers to shop free supply of champagne. And now already become a marketing tool produced many high-end stores commonly used. Moreover, they also offer a 100% pure fresh juice customers who do not drink now made. Both would be holding similar site orders fashion show in Japan, which also provides catering services, catering mainly waiter service is our salesperson. That is also the same time acting as a salesperson waiter duties, which has become the norm in the top brand in the field of high-end home.

   six top design, feel the pulse of culture

   Creative remains crucial, because the high-end water purification products must be to attract consumers with new design ideas and inspiration. Therefore, the high-end home water purification products manufacturers must closely integrated design inspiration, customer needs and opportunities of the three. To carry out the design according to the market trends is the first step to a combination of creativity and business. Louis Vuitton (LV) to capture the European and American consumers are keen on Japanese pop culture, so inviting Japanese artist Takashi Murakami launched cherry handbags, received by the market. Secondly, it is necessary to find the right design stage for those of wanton vertical mad,But also adhere to the business focus on more mainstream design.

   Seven, specification details, showing the noble

   concept of brand delivery to customers, but not arrogant. Store is the place where brands and consumers really in contact. Even if the business person or designer devoted his whole life to create a high brand image, but a service alone, it may directly affect the brand image, even the long-term accumulated history of the brand suffer a fatal blow. So, I hope each store salesperson must foster a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the brand to have a sense of honor and pride.

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