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   In recent years, with the improvement of environmental awareness and peoples living standards, in particular to enhance the degree of health concerns, so that people interested in water purification, at the same time, the water purification industry are constantly changing, the degree of product innovation has greatly improved, and that the future of the water purification industry development in what direction will it? the following is the analysis and the current demand and consumption sectors systematic analysis of the past development of air purifiers, water purification industry for the future development made three predictions.

   The first point: international and intelligent

   water purifier product quality fully tested and third-party certification, government services and market supervision will gradually integrate with the internationalization, which is Chinas net the inevitable trend of development of the water industry. The international community currently have recommended the use of third-party certification, the international certification such as HACCP, the US NSF, Germany DVGW, self-certification to enable enterprises to a more far-reaching significance.

   From the development trend of products, the intelligent products will become the main tone water purification industry. Such as air conditioning, not only can adjust the temperature, the more remain moderate, sterilization, negative ion, APP remote control, intelligent operation and cleaning functions. Diversification and intelligent water purifier is one of the important functions of selling water purifiers future.

   The second point: O2O marketing model

   product time user pain point is the focus of enterprise competition. Different from other home appliances, water purification products require long-term service of late, the development of the water industry has always been inseparable from the quality of services, water purification industry in e-commerce development, all stages of the service experience is very important.

   the binding mode of online shopping online and offline sales, the best way is to ensure that the degree of experience and improve the sale of products. Stores as the next line store experience, take online sales-based model, or to minimize the cost, both to ensure that consumers experience level, but also reduce store operating costs.

   The third point: cross-sectoral development

   in the future, many household appliances industry will break the limit, more and more high-tech companies to participate in the competition in the appliance industry in the past. This will help the development of intelligent home appliances, as well as requirements of the existing water purification technology innovation enterprises are well prepared to adapt to the future development of the industry.

   Today, the rapid popularization of water purifier in China, does not have the technical strength and marketing capabilities or lack of status of all manufacturersIt is likely to be a night of subversion. The high-throughput, low-cost water, intelligence and international intelligence purifier water purifier brand will become a strong selling point.

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