User Experience consumption accounts for the trend of wat pu

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   In recent years, the "big home" concept has become a topic often discussed the water purification industry, many companies have water purifier and even start a cross-border pan-home, in order to meet consumer demand for one-stop shopping, as a water purifier downstream of the real estate business, which is a form of the times to keep up with the trend. However, do not imagine the big home so simple water purifier companies have to keep marketing innovation, in order to really win the market.




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   Large household needs a systematic pattern

   [123 ] moment, consumers one-stop shopping increasingly strong internal demand. Under the auspices of this awareness, "big home" concept came into being. Indeed, China water purifier market has a huge market potential, high-end consumer group is among one of the most important force. Due to the impact shopping cost, expertise, cultural aspirations and many other factors, a considerable part of the high-end consumer demand for one-stop shopping. At the same time, this group is often the so-called elite, not only strong spending power, and has a strong voice and influence in society, objectively birth or enlarge a large home concept.

   In this context, water purifiers and other home building industry, regarded as a great home to pursue long-term goals. Overall, however, at least for now is not the big home water purification industrys mainstream model, it only represents a new direction for the future. Water purification industry understanding of the large home or stay at the product level, but the lack of large and comprehensive product chain strung beads; but then there is a chain of do not understand the product, operation and management capabilities is limited; good operating capacity but do not Good product.

   into the largest home water purifier business models need to lay a sound foundation

   From the maturity of the current development of water purification industry, the current home of the pan still in its infancy, which basically has not home water purifier can be more successful companies in the country, there are some bright spot, reflected in some of the most unique subdivision area. For example, a home appliance giants "whole home" and "one-stop" home shopping solution concept, and now even a single household goods are not ready, still in a large household fixed base level.

   From this, bigger home need to have strong financial strength and operational management capabilities, there are clearA clear business model. Like big home built skyscrapers, water purifier company must first build the solid underlying infrastructure, in order to build the superstructure. The best path of this process is designed to do first, do it big. Truly great home made transparent mode, there is still a long way to go.

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