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   Hefei Rongshida water Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Rongshida adhering to the "new and to" business philosophy, red carpet service system, development and operation of domestic / commercial water, drinking fountains, water softeners, large-scale water treatment equipment, industrial water treatment water purification equipment and other products, has built more than 3,000 channel network to benefit millions of families, nearly one thousand customized campus drinking water BOT projects, and to undertake guesthouses, hotels, communities, units and other large-scale drinking water projects. The company passed ISO9001 certification authority, has a strong research support Enterprise Institute and Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a number of intellectual property rights, patents, energy conservation title of the Chinese drinking water 10 companies, Chinese water industry, "Brand", Anhui Province net water industry Association vice president, advanced water purification equipment production base, by the Peoples Daily, Sina, Anhui Satellite TV, business Herald and other mainstream media repeatedly reported.

   as a water purifier industry benchmark for enterprise, Rongshida adhering to the "four common drive demand" principle, namely refined products marketing and change, service-seeking, responsibility and realistic achievements in many aspects of product, marketing, and service amazing. In the context of economic restructuring, persist in innovation-driven, comprehensive development and innovation "double hit" model provoked a strong reaction. May 2016, the CPC Central Committee, executive vice president of National School of Administration and his party went to the sixth industrial park Rongshida assessment study and submit a Special Research Report, this Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions, fully affirmed the Rongshida integration of social resources, promoting maker culture and enterprise complementary advantages, promote innovation mechanism and mode of initiatives. In addition there have been National Development and Reform Commission, the provincial CPPCC research department and other leaders inspected.


   Rongshida will always create "build the core competitiveness" as the purpose, and actively implement the brand-building strategy, and take the road of independent innovation, enhance their overall number one strength. The company is particularly focused on the value of R & D and product innovation, research and development on a console, create R8s double membrane water machine, straight drink machine intelligent, self-priming LED cabinet water machine and other series of water purification products, integrated into the double membrane patent, the new snap-in filters and other innovative technologies and patent the results, with outstanding quality to enhance brand awareness and reputation; in the field of drinking water, Rongshida more attention achievement, has an independent construction of Hefei Xinqiao international Airport, close-fu high-speed rail along the way site, Tangshan international horticultural Exposition 2016, Sanya Phoenix international Airport and other large public drinking water projects, well received by the industry and the media offNote. As one of the first drinking water equipment into schools recommended pilot units, Rongshida many years focused on the campus drinking water project construction, the advantages of centralized corporate R & D has introduced new products, fully meet the school drinking water capacity, good purification effect, high safety, low cost and many other requirements; implementation of "ad hoc custom", the design and construction based on the number of campus drinking, water features, water distribution, etc., tailored specifically for safe drinking water systems, customized Chinese University of Science and technology campus nearly one thousand drinking water project become thousands of campus safe to choose, care for one million teachers and students.

   To further enhance the strength of scientific research, product research and development to provide core technology support, Rongshida New Kechuang Center building, interior products dedicated national laboratories, networking intelligence agencies and other advanced product experience center, equipped with advanced scientific research device. NDRC went to Anhui research innovator, who will Rongshida as a key study object.


   Rongshida rely on their own core resources, integration of capital, brands, information, technology, management, culture, human resources, and markets hardware and so on in the industry first proposed the "custom marketing" strategy agents be accurate business support. Meanwhile, in providing as detailed as water purification agents, complete the remainder of customization Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies, Rongshida constantly sum up experience, simplify, find out the law, better, faster technology for agents training, operational guidance and providing hardware support and promote the rapid growth agents.

   In addition, in the "innovation", the Rongshida decade sword, to break through the traditional terminal sales model, the original 3T marketing model. Be 3T marketing model of experiential marketing, the depth of marketing, relationship marketing, precision marketing, etc. fusion, innovation, optimization of design and combination of products and services, in-depth reform of the customers effective dissemination and interactive communication, focusing the actual needs of target customers improve customer value perception, help our customers winning terminal. 3T mode allows a single point of breakthrough, by an increased, in order to promote fast and efficient replication agent, and then start the entire regional market. Since 3T mode applications, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other parts of the agents has been carried out in the terminal market, more than twice the activity, critical acclaim, each event turnover rate is more than 70%, a single field sales of over a hundred units in the region repeatedly lift panic buying.

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