You have to understand the household kitchen water filt wapu

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With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about water for the kitchen, because the kitchen is cooking place, most need to use clean water, many families choose to use kitchen water filter to ensure healthy water quality. Then the kitchen water filter needs to pay attention to what when you install it?


1. The faucet height


operating height faucet is very important to prevent fatigue and flexible turned. In addition, if the tap is too high, water is likely to spill. If too low, easily stained with dirt, pollution caused by the faucet, and easy to be a child a toy to play around.


2. Avoid other appliances line


Once leakage occurs purifier kitchen, a kitchen will interfere with other electronic equipment, so in addition to the installation of special treatment, water purifier wirings must pay attention must be separated from other appliances line.


3. The mounting position of the light can not dim


Usually water purifier kitchen cabinets are installed in the following, it was washed with water purifier requires periodic inspection, operation, it is recommended to install a lamp in the cabinet convenient downward switching means is provided, good drainage security, easy post-operation.


4. The installation must be securely


kitchen water filter installed must be very strong, not rocking, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of some parts, but also to prevent water purifier fall, endangering children the life safety.


5 full use of the available space


the gap between the wall cabinets and the platform, it may generally be utilized, some of the tool can take place in the middle of cooking required, but also as a simple shutter doors , avoid small appliances off the dust. Kitchen water purifier should be placed at the bottommost position, sidelined.


6. Accessories shall meet national health standards


All tubing, connectors, taps and other fittings on the wading kitchen water should meet national health standards. Do not install in the northern region and outside, in order to prevent the cracking ultra filter, it should also prevent direct sunlight. Not excessive force when tightening the threaded joint during installation, prevents the terminal screw slip teeth.


kitchen water purifier installation method Although not seem difficult, but there are many considerations that need to pay more attention, I believe we saw these considerations, when after installing kitchen water purifier, can pay more attention. A

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