Water warm milk are thousands of boiling water it

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   Now a lot of home for the children to drink milk timely, have prepared a warm milk, then the milk is warm water thousands of boiling water it? Let Xiaobian answer it for you.




We all know that thousands of boiling water are those repeated boiling water boiling, often asked thousands of boiling water on the body is? In fact, the repeated heating storage tank of water for a long time no fundamental impact on water quality in, but probably its mineral water element will be reduced or lost, generally is not harmful to the body, lets take a look warm milk thousands of boiling water trap is it?


machine warm milk is heated repeatedly play the role of a thermostat, the temperature change is small, does not boil the water, no nitrite, it will not affect the health of the baby, need to be reminded ordinary red milk machine or home water dispenser mostly repeated boiling water, not smart thermostat, do not recommend the next day inside the open water of milk.


The reason that it "thousands of boiling water" can cause cancer, mainly suspected after multiple water boil will produce nitrite and nitrite may have an effect in the stomach with amines, nitrosamines , it has a strong carcinogenic nitrosamines. To verify the authenticity of this statement, Xiao Bian had "thousands of boiling water" water samples tested in experimental center field. Small series of three kinds of mineral water sample tap water, bottled water does not contain nitrite pure water and bottled water, was repeated three times to boil, followed by the water quality can be checked more ion chromatograph test. The results prove that the three "thousands of boiling water" in did not produce nitrite.


Nevertheless, small or remind you: Even if the rumors are false, can not be taken lightly. Natural drinking water containing nitrates, nitrate under the action of certain microorganisms, could be transformed into a small amount of nitrite. For example, daily use of the dispenser if the filtration device such as activated carbon, large pore this device it is possible to microbial growth, in its role will produce nitrite. So dispenser equipment must be cleaned regularly to ensure a safe and healthy drinking water.


household drinking water Tips: Some people are accustomed to in the remaining warm water thermos bottle to re-boil and then drink the purpose of saving water, when economizer (gas), Section. But the save undesirable. Because the water burned and burned, the moisture evaporated again, nitrite will rise, this water drunk, nitrites accumulate in the body.




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