The countrys first -3U eco-museum- opened in fat

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   can drink disinfectant, sterilization using spectroscopic techniques to detect water purifier, safe and convenient multi-function machine ...... mask for Hefei people want to experience these new and interesting one-time "Hefei Chi-made" is not difficult. Recently, the nations first "3U eco-museum" was officially opened in Hefei Creative Industry Park. "Hefei made" smart appliances, smart home has become the main exhibit hall, the public can stop all needed home appliances election.

   What is 3U? Simply put, it is through the Internet, artificial intelligence, application of things to increase the optimization of capital goods, allocation of resources, build a market ecosystem.


   3U Eco-museum has five centers, namely Products experience center, leisure center exchanges, training teaching education center, user management operations center, double hit incubator project center. "Museum of household appliances, household robots, smart home, high-end agricultural products and other resources for all aspects of integration, the museum all the items are manufactured in Hefei, provide the public with a close understanding of the opportunity to Hefei manufacturing." According to inside the pavilion staff, currently on display in the small household electrical appliances up to more than 70 categories, 3000 balance sheet is tasted, most small household electrical appliances from the national demonstration bases Rongshida double hit.

  , then the family must extend from cookware to improve the quality of life of the high demand for home appliances to the refinement of the mother and child, purification products, everything within the entire exhibition hall. This is not just an external display of the exhibition hall, is a more experiential consumer base. Here, people can intuitively feel the technological development of various types of home appliances replacement update, but also enjoy the benefits of lower than market price.

   "rooted" Hefei creative industry park, museum and "purpose" is not simple. According to Hall staff, the future museum will also rely on this platform to attract more "Hefei Chi-made" so that the public have access to sophisticated "Hefei made." It is worth mentioning that, the future museum will also serve double hit Project Incubation Center "through the Internet resource integration, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to establish a core of entrepreneurial ecosystem, entrepreneurship and innovation seminar held from time to time, for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a venture-stop service. What a stunning Hefei wisdom made "

   the countrys first" 3U eco-museum "there? Reporters followed the preview together.

   "spectrum" technology into the homeWater purifier

   in the field of water purification technology, "Hefei manufacturing" has been in the lead position, Hefei appliance enterprise and innovation, the first in the spectroscopic techniques used in the household water purifiers. In the museum where the public can see this spectrum of water purifiers.

   The water purifier water purifier common market generally use activated carbon filters, water purification but the presence of some deficiencies carrier. "After a certain time to use activated carbon, activated carbon adsorption saturation, it will fail. And the growth over time, the activated carbon adsorption material itself and will stay some microbes and bacteria." Reporters learned from researchers at the water purifier, not only spectroscopic techniques this defect can be avoided, but also play water-saving features. "The current water purifier on the market almost fully automated, it will work automatically flushing effluent, production of a glass of water will produce waste water cups using spectroscopic purification technology to reduce the rate of waste water, production of a glass of water, only a maximum of 2/3 cup waste. "

   In addition, compared with the UV water purification systems, water purification spectrum disinfection technology not only improve water quality, but also through the intelligent control of real-time test water quality. Initially, spectroscopic techniques used in water quality monitoring instrument, the instrument is mainly used in the field of water purifier manufacturers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health supervision departments, and has now achieved a civilian.

   of a machine implemented juice film two delays

   In recent years, the general public has become a mask skin care products. In order to reduce heavy metals damage to the skin, many people chose to mask beauty machine. Chinas first film and the juice machine is truly a "Hefei manufacturing." This mask machine as early as a few years ago shine on major domestic appliances Fair.

   select a bitter cucumber or into the machine, the juice can be separated from the residue after thirty seconds. Put twelve collagen gel or liquid injected into the grid in the mask, after ten minutes and you weaves a molded mask. Use, and paper mask outsourcing is no different, but the production process more green, skin is more effective.

   safe disinfectant to drinkable

   free hand-washing disinfectant products into the eco-museum is the first non-appliance products. "Disinfectant on the market a lot, but can drink disinfectant is rare, but this Hefei Chi-made disinfectant safe enough to drink." According to the staff of the exhibition introduction, Li Jun developers with graduationIn USTC, in the field of polymer-based materials, "Which disinfectant after three years of research and development, containing the leading domestic technology. Future operations will expand to water-based paint."

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