Water purification industry to seize thehinkg of young peopl

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  The development of water purification industry took the young man is the way of thinking: Tim net water purification Views: 1050 Published: 2014-6-11 17:27:01 At this stage, the young generation is growing up for 80,90 after consumption the backbone of their spending habits will guide the development trend of the market. At present, the development of water purification industry, will also be relying on the power of this new generation of development. A survey shows that: a new generation of consumer groups, they are very different with the older generation and consumption habits on the aesthetics of the product. Water purifier in the frequent occurrence of water pollution today, has spawned a new decoration pattern known as "water home improvement" and in the whole process "water home improvement" in no way to avoid this problem how to buy a water purifier, according to the first water purification media analysis of market trends, think: a new generation of consumer groups to determine which brand of water purifier good on its own unique ideas and steps. This combination of facts, water purifier manufacturers only gave them pulse number, in order to keep up with their pace, to find the exact product positioning, and ultimately win in the market competition. In fact, nowadays the vast majority of water purifier manufacturers to major marketing target lock on the back 60, 70, that they have a stable income and certain asset accumulation, for consumer water purifier can have more choices and investment space. Instead, 80,90 but in addition to some of his family was wealthy individual can 80,90 generous consumption, although most of the 80,90 married and has entered onto the stage of society, for the purchase of needed renovation rise very fast, is the budget was tight, it is very consumer concerns. Although they are the future potential consumer objects, but still not real target consumers. However, for the vast majority of firms in the market for the analysis point of view, it is very one-sided. Tim net water purifier believe that the main market is not bound to do 80, 90, 80, 90 then to understand under the water purifier market it there is no doubt:! Health, fashion, seduction, is "80, 90" the most intimate of the three major factors. "80,90" fierce competition to bring life and work pressure is unprecedented, so that "the body is the capital of revolution" is more prominent in them. Based on these, drinking water purifiers for the home health care comes will be the future development trend of the mainstream, water purifierIt should be a breakthrough on product differentiation, so as to better adapt to the "80, 90" Adaptation. Face after 80 water purifier consumption, but also to know that they are still self-survival stage, we must grasp their affordability. 80,90 gradually become the main consumer of water purifier is a process of evolution in the short term is still limited resources at their disposal, their income is not high, which determines the reality of their purchasing power is not high, but they will spend more than their ability to withstand products to show their status. Or they enhance their purchasing power or with the water purifier a consumer to a higher consumption levels. At the same time, there is no personality to make water purification products can not find a reason to choose 80,90. Compared with most of the water purifier manufacturers hindsight, Home Builders seem to have been one step ahead, the first to tap the potential business opportunities and consumer markets. Meanwhile, in a series of rigid requirements to promote marriage, career, etc., 80, 90 is becoming a major purchasing power of the property market. When the property market suffered a knee, Home Builders are pushing small apartment, took advantage of the huge potential consumer groups, to obtain appreciable volume in times of adversity. Water purifier manufacturers of consumer sentiment on the current terms, "80,90" and the water purifier is a distance. To win young consumers, water purifier "Extreme Makeover" has been imperative, spread from the production of packaging products, cultural ideas to be close to young consumers drinking on content marketing methods, true to their needs as the starting point.

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