Water purifier market line undthe foukey technical stylkitch

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   [China Water Purifier Network With the rapid economic development, growing water pollution, the residents water security is a growing concern, the residents quality of drinking water have become more sophisticated, drinking water and health has become the public focus of attention and focus, while the water purification industry is growing rapidly. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) push the total data show that in June the water purifier market along the line 6.18 big promotion, each occasion to marketing channels, Suning, Gome, five-star home appliances such as offline channels through joint business expansion will sell water purification , will be purchased and other activities, greatly stimulated the outbreak of the water purifier market in June, up from the data, the sales volume grew 80.4% under water purifier line, sales grew 82.8%, the average price decreased slightly . From the point of view of the end product mix accounted showed a substantial rise from the channel information feedback, channel sink and corporate distribution rate increased significantly.



   Although the domestic water purifier market penetration is not very high, but considerable water industry outlook. At present, under the China water purifier market in order to line the four technology focus.



   A large flux

   The so-called "large flux" refers to the production of more than 400 gallons per day of water reverse osmosis water purification unit. Conventional reverse osmosis water purification unit, the ability of water is usually 50 gallons per day. 50G water purifier 1 minute rate only 130 ml of water, then with 250 ml of water glass cup, about 2 minutes. This is intolerable. To solve this problem, use a pressure storage tank, however, it has brought another problem. Conventional pressure storage tank, the water and air inside the isolation rubber bladder, there are obvious smell of rubber, will be absorbed purified water, water taste impact. To solve this problem, 50G of RO machines are equipped with activated carbon post. And later found, post carbon water would cause the total number of bacteria and excessive nitrite, also appeared in a small amount of heavy metals over the issue, it is a headache. Large flux of water purification machines in order to solve new problems caused by post carbon and launched.

   Second, the intelligent monitoring

   purifier with intelligent monitoring to promptly monitor usage RO reverse osmosis membrane, simpler, lower cost increase RO reverse osmosis membrane life, improve the efficiency of water purification, accurate information on RO reverse osmosis membrane replacement time, avoid excessive bacteria pure waterThe problem.

   Third, water-bis

   bis household water purifier has two tap water, a clean water faucet, and the other a water faucet. The single water home water purifier is only one exit water, or a water purifier or a purified water. In fact double the water purifier without the use of clean water is the single water, which is double the water actually does include a single water features, the addition of a water purification function. The dual benefits of the water is when the vegetables, cooking time required large amounts of water with water does not need to wait for the water off than health.

   Fourth, the kitchen of the formula

   under the kitchen-type water purifier, by definition, is mounted inside the cabinet in the kitchen, is easy to install, substantially does not occupy extra space. It can effectively intercept the water of bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, adsorption of heterochromatic odor, chlorine (bleach), and to improve the taste, ready to provide clean fresh clean water, food made with purified water, natural flavor mellow, brew coffee and the rich aroma of tea, wash fruits and vegetables clear, pleasant.



   According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) show that in June this year, a large flux of water purifiers retail penetration rate of 50.8%, year on year negative growth, intelligent monitoring water purification is retail penetration rate of 76.6%, an increase of 4.5%, double the water purifier retail penetration of 37.3%, an increase of 10.1%, under the kitchen water purifiers retail penetration rate of 98.8%, an increase of 2.2%. Thus, under the kitchen water purifiers high penetration rate, animal consumers. As the water purification industry, under the kitchen water filter is an important breakthrough.

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