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   tap water floating debris harmful? Should be transparent float bleach particulate matter, should be normal, known as bleaching powder contained in tap water, followed explain small series.


Water is the source of our lives, good or bad tap water relates to our lives, not a small detail can decide our normal life, tap water transparent floating debris actually quite normal, because the floating debris should be is bleach, so please do not worry too much, water floats harmful? So how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, conditions are good family can buy a water purifier, secondary purification, so that better point, you can safely use tap water.


In some places hard tap water quality, composition containing calcium carbonate or other salts is too high, at or near saturated solution state, the water after boiling decreased solubility, a supersaturated solution, so that scale a precipitate formed. When the water boils, and under the action of water stream, just portion precipitated salt particles will be brought to the water surface, floating on the surface tension of water; this is described landlord "white float." This will precipitate the scale of drinking water are harmless to humans even in small amounts of water during the scale will not eat stomach poisoning. However, if long-term drinking water softener, are suddenly drinking this hard water, some people may not adapt, causing a phenomenon called acclimatized.


The main component of the scale is calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, can be used edible citrate, detergents, vinegar, etc., what is removed by a chemical reaction in a micro hot fire, of course, not be too long, too long pot will corrode. Scale generated due to the high water hardness, high water hardness may cause calculus. But too low is not good, it can be calcium hardness of the water, and I saw the water low mineral content increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in some books.


After the boil drinking water, disinfect both to kill harmful microorganisms present in the raw water; partly because city water have been chlorination, residual chlorine and organic matter in water interaction, will generating a halogenated hydrocarbon, chloroform and other toxic and carcinogenic compounds, an appropriate time after boiling, halogenated hydrocarbon content and a minimum of chloroform, a safe drinking water. But the water, repeatedly burned, water is notBurn as long as possible, because the longer burn or burned repeatedly, no volatile harmful substances in water and nitrite, because the water will be evaporated and concentrated, and the content is relatively increased, so that drinking water, the same harmful .


These are the small series of related presentations, more families make little knowledge of drinking water in this site.




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