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   Recently, the reporter learned from the Zhangjiakou City water supply industry Water Testing Workshop 106, 106 water quality testing capabilities focus on the implementation of the citys construction projects have been completed, water quality testing center into trial operation, marking the city water quality self-test capability will reach "the national drinking water health standards" (GB57492006) provided 106 GB standard, with world health Organization standards, drinking water quality standards to meet the Olympic Winter Games, the residents safety of drinking water also will be more secure.


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   In recent years, along with organizing the Winter Olympics, Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative development comes great historical opportunity, the city entered a stage of rapid development, with suitable, drinking water quality, higher demands. By 2015, the city launched a water quality testing 106 capacity-building projects. By 2016, water quality testing project fully completed buildings, water quality testing laboratory building of the scale of construction, design, equipment and facilities have reached the international advanced level. This year, have been completed and water quality testing equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and personnel training, etc., has entered the commissioning phase.

   It is understood that, in order to further enhance the quality of emergency response and ability to deal with unexpected incidents, City Water Supply Corporation to purchase new water quality emergency inspection car also recently put into use, this "mobile lab" to conventional water to meet water quality objectives core detection capability requirements apply to tap water pipe network and inspection, comprehensive toxicity can also be used for rapid detection and laboratory water samples for field water quality and environmental protection, disease, water industry and research institutes toxicity monitoring, water quality monitoring, and rapid emergency.

   In addition, to improve the water quality testing capabilities, the introduction of high-quality talent to enrich inspection team at the same time, City Water Supply Corporation signed a research cooperation agreement with Hebei North University, Hebei Institute of Architectural Engineering and joint training of postgraduate agreement to jointly building research alliances innovation system, improve the technological innovation capability. Currently, the citys water quality testing sampling points has reached 36, including a range of water quality testing drinking water, ground water and packaged drinking water three categories of products totaling 65 parameters to achieve full coverage of the citys water quality testing. In the future, the remaining 41 will gradually expand items test items.

   According to reports, over the years in the quality inspection and the provincial urban and rural housing construction and the Office of the Provincial Health Planning Commission, the citys urban water supply 106 index of all standards. 10 water qualityAfter six detection capacity building project is completed, the city will have 106 GB self-test capability, to fill gaps in the citys national standard testing organizations.

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