Steamer water you need fotimely replacent

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   life, we often use the steamer to steam some food, steamed after a period of nitrite in the water will certainly increase, the steamer that water demand extremely replacing it? Let Xiaobian to tell you now.




Many users have asked steamer water directly to drink it? We know that the water containing traces of nitrates, if the water is boiled for a long time, nitrate decomposition reaction occurs, the reaction product nitrite; Flow boiling too long, heavy metals like lead, also similar to stay in a steamer water, so that steamer is not directly drink the water, then the steamer with water for some time, the need for timely replacement of the steamer water it?


Water can be used in the steamer used again, because the water does not boil nitrite evaporate into the air as water vapor, the water steamer can be used repeatedly without health hazard, additional nitrite is easily soluble substances, will not have a scale, the steamer water for other uses, is also possible, so long as the steamer as long as no water boiled away would not be replaced.


steam, this cooking method is most commonly used Chinese people, it is not only convenient, but also can kill 99 percent of bacteria microbes by high temperature in a short time, so as to ensure healthy food. Steamer harm to the body of water is not so terrible to imagine, the nitrate content of city water is certainly not excessive, and through normal cooking, nitrite content is far from sufficient to cause harm to the body. Unknown mountain spring water or ground water, pesticide and fertilizer residues may be present, and these residues may result in increased nitrate levels in the water and even exceeded; steamed food, some food or soup steamer inflow of water, because there may be food in excessive nitrite, such steamer water have exceeded the problems that may arise.


According to Chinas "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006) provides that the nitrate content of drinking water should be 鈮?0 life Hauck / liter (underground water source is limited to 鈮?0 mg / l), nitrite the salt content should be 鈮? mg / liter in drinking water are allowed to trace the presence of nitrates and nitrites.


If water is boiled for a long time or boiling too long, decomposition of the nitrates to nitrites or heavy metals such water remaining in the steamer. Nitrite two aspects of harm to the human body. First, human blood can nitrite normal low oxygen-carrying hemoglobin oxidation to methemoglobin, and oxygen can not beBinding hypoxia caused; Second, nitrite can cause vasodilation of blood pressure drop, resulting in severe collapse.


According to an authoritative health community that the continued heating tap water and then boiled for 3 minutes, cooled to 18 ~ 25 鈩? such as drinking cool water, beneficial to human health. Japanese medical scientists found that fasting morning drink a glass of cold water can quickly cause gastrointestinal absorption, rapid dilution of the blood, promoting blood circulation, effectively prevent the occurrence and development of cardiovascular disease.


The above is the knowledge content of water steamer small series to introduce, if you want to learn more knowledge of small household drinking water, please pay attention to the contents of this site to other sections of it.




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