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   water softener of vegetables do? Many housewives are asking this question. 2020-06-04 Xiao Bian do a scientific answer to these small problems of life.




improvement of living standards, so a lot of attention to water quality and safety of people started buying water softeners, resulting in huge need of water purification equipment market and more numerous, but many people do not know Some of the role of water purification equipment, there is a doubt after another. For example, water softener water drink? Water softener of vegetables it? 2020-06-04 small series to introduce.


Knowledge about the safety of drinking water a small influence on the water hardness of the plants is described.


soft water calcium and magnesium ions are removed, thereby eliminating water hardness, water and lose the ability soap, greatly improving the efficiency of the detergent; demineralized water without scaling, in favor the use of heaters, water softeners this is the real role. A household softener water softening, water softening whether to drink can not, because the principle of soft water is exchanged water calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, thereby reducing the water hardness, but will increase the sodium content in water?; coupled with the use of a polymer compound softener resin filter, there will be impact on water quality, it is recommended not to drink water after softening. If you want to drink.


Although not softened water drinkable, but as domestic water very well, which removes limescale, scale, better avoid fouling problems pipes, and wading faucet device; simultaneously, with to bathe, wash clothes, etc., than ordinary tap water more soft, comfortable, long-term use soft water bath have beautiful skin, more clean clothes washed.


soft water and sodium content of 100mg / l, a very low content remaining on the dishes after the vegetables negligible amount of sodium ions, has no effect on human health, negative vegetables superior to soft water !


need to be reminded that, although the water softener is a good family helper, but you have to know how water softeners knowledge of routine maintenance, or once a fault, then the distress will follow.




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