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   With the improvement of living standards and raise consumer awareness, the face of the current severe water pollution, many families choose to install water purifier filter tap water. However, there are still many families do not have the idea of 鈥嬧€媔nstalling a water purifier, and some people have a "water purifier useful? Purifier" good or bad? "These questions present situation of secondary water pollution is serious, long-term consumption tap water, tap water and some serious heavy metal pollution. E. coli in water and other substances will cause harm to peoples health. However, before selecting and buying water purifiers, we must first understand these common sense about the water purifier.

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   1. the water purifier is good?

   how about water purifiers? water purifier good or bad? before we know it , we must understand the role of the water purifier, the main function of the water purifier to purify water to remove heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms and other harmful substances. due to its high-precision filter purifier technology not only for severe water pollution areas, and residual chlorine in tap water can be used to filter, improving water quality.

   2. the water purifier useful? water purifier that works ? What is

   in four reverse osmosis water purification unit, for example, raw water enters through the water inlet pipe PE PP cotton filter (coarse filter), filtered water: removal of water, sediment, rust and other solid material; and then enters the pre-activated carbon, odor removal in water, organic matter, chlorine, water filtered water to meet the requirements of the RO membrane, the filtered water into the RO cartridge, is removal of calcium, magnesium, bacteria , organic, inorganic, metal ions, and the most effective way of radioactive material. here, we take a two-step filtering wastewater, waste water removed from the waste water was filtered port, the water flows into the filter activated, the activated carbon the main function is to improve the taste, pure water filtered drinkable.

   3. the need to install a water purifier?

   drink every day tap water through a variety ofCleaning, disinfection and sterilization methods, can meet national health standards of water quality testing by the factory, then by municipal water pipes and water tank area, in every household. When delivered to the residents of the home, rusty pipes, water pipes and other pollution caused by secondary pollution of tap water. Thus, after boiling the water, there are still many harmful substances, such as excess chlorine, heavy metals and the like. By filtration and purification, water purifiers remove these harmful substances, so that the water cleaner.

   So which brand of water purifiers do a little better?

   plus fresh water purifier is a professional to do the water purifier brand , water purification products covering all aspects of the home, such as pre-purifier, ultrafiltration water machine, RO reverse osmosis water purifiers, water softener, etc., a water purifier waste generation rate less than ordinary water purifier more energy-saving and environmental protection, fresh water plus water purifier sales service is perfect, to solve the customer to worry about buying water purifier after.

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