Shared economic trends into the water purifier market she mo

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   With the shared bicycle (Morocco worship), shared charging treasure (call Science and Technology), shared housing (way home), car sharing (China), shared electric vehicles (four and two) become the darling of the capital market, share Compare todays economy has become a hot topic. These business models make an inventory of some resources, more efficient use of the product. Then the air purifier and water purifier can apply this model lease share it

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   premise of our analysis now is:?? These two products will not happen the next three to five years, revolutionary innovation.

   The use of home water purifier is purified water, to restore the water to a standard drink. From the use of point of view, more like a home water purification natural gas, does not meet the shared lease business model? Did not make an inventory of resources, nor improve efficiency. As long as there is a drinking water health-conscious people will buy water purification equipment, and permanent use.

   analysis from the user point of view

   to flourish throughout the water industry already explained? More users are increasingly accepting water purifier. Since the home is a private space, water purifier unit price most can accept, people are more inclined to buy. The commercial machine has been able to flourish because in public places, more businesses consider is the cost? Cheaper than bottled water.

   Most of the people still inside the water purifier as common household appliances, the time of the initial purchase, only symbolic ask how long after the initial installation can be used. A kind of "live for today, not tomorrow wine again weigh on the" state of mind. To replace the filter tips of the day will produce cost-conscious, or even luck, "more a period of time is also all right," dragged on for years or even change the filter.

   analysis from the business point of view

   facade high rents and labor costs, so that businesses can not beat a year after profitable business model. Managed to grab a user, more expensive sellers want to make quick money. The key traditional water purification business transformation: whether leasing is easier than sellers accepted by the user (several times).

   In summary, household water purifier using ordinary share of leasing model is difficult feasible, compared to sell water purifiers, the customer will carefully accounting of the cost of each lease water purifier the end result: the first year or manufacturers lose money or lose money dealers.

   From the analysis of consumer business point of view

   ifYou tell a customer, as long as he introduces you to 10 users, then his home water purification services can be free for life. If more than 10 users, each additional there is a certain amount of commission. (Pocket money each year out) In theory, this time the "qualitative leap" occurs.

   If a company takes the form of an annual fee income of the sale of water purification services, the use of "consumer business" business model would be a good idea. In line with acquaintances economy, economic circles, it is more important to be able to achieve low-cost rapid expansion. Mobile Internet make communication easier and more efficient!

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