Water pollution has changed our way of drinking water

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   who lives pollution, we learned to say to boil drinking. Later, pesticide pollution and industrial pollution gradually began, we learned to drink bottled water. Now to the serious water pollution trends, the emergence of a water purifier to let us see the hope, but let too many people do not know its disappointing.



   people for everyone to see, the river water has changed color, become less river fish, fish frequently part of the river segment death. Minister of Water Resources will announce as early as 204 years, more than 70% of our rivers have been polluted to varying degrees, resulting in 360 million rural people drinking water problem.

   used to live with water pollution, impact on our body caused by not large, some may exist in the water for a long time to produce some bacteria, basically boil water can kill. Now colored garbage into our lives, many colored garbage belong to industrial products, it is difficult to rot difficult to handle, while the release of harmful substances are not on the water can be removed, especially old batteries casually discarded heavy metal pollution brought to chronic poisoning is caused by the human body can not be ignored. Followed by pesticide pollution fertilizer pollution, we can not ignore the harm caused by drinking water.

   everywhere in the city factories, industrial wastewater discharge waste, vehicle emissions cause acid rain falling to the regions. Acidification of land, planting immune. Drinking water has become a problem, so we see bottled water, bottled water, a few years down, we found a variety of problems, not to drink bottled water for too long, qualified bottled water when we do not know, bottled water sold long before the date can definitely see it? then do not exclude fraud phenomenon.

   A few years ago I heard that the water purifier is fire, water purifiers recently very many people say well, Xiao Bian specially to see a lot of information display indicates the net it can solve the current industry heavy metals and other pollution problems, we solve a series of modern drinking water needs, but why are not people to be see. After a series of folded find its root cause, too much fraud. Substandard products than the amount of flow of qualified products even more.

   What is the reason for so much water purifier fraud, national policies are not in place? Even so, Peoples eyes are sharp, but also sales have to move. After market research found that we have a petty habits, regular shop buy thousands of water purification, the same shape, selling hundreds of people off the assembly line will be able to buy, the price is hanging dummy so great, there is no think of a problem? a problem only to find sales people never get through the phone, the phone manufacturers like furnishings. But also how, only to find the relevant departments to solve, then the amount of water purifier hat wear useless.

   We all know that good things do not go out, the scandal spread thousands of miles, use a water filter is also true, a person uses a fake, surrounding a person might know, then bad the targeting water purifier. In fact, water purification products belong to an era, is currently one kind of way of drinking water of the people, the real solution to the problem of drinking water. So you want to buy regular products, to find regular products in the industry is not standardized, the premise is not cheap, and also will distinguish true and false, know how to choose the brand, strong ability of self-determination, not the top ten of those fake brand, CCTV brand, and so deceived.

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