Water purification agents do marketing two basic points qual

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Todays water purifier brand stores mostly stationed in all kinds of home appliances stores and supermarkets, such as Meikailong, Suning United States and so on. But it also shows the water purification agents face strong opponents like clouds competitive market, Yimapingchuan stand out marketing capabilities. In addition to the ability to continuously improve all aspects of dealers, their literacy and in the general direction of the business strategy can not be wrong, but also to focus on the details of the service and management, both of which have been recognized by consumers and their own management team, so that the water purifier market expanding lead to more agents and dealers to join the family.

   with the details of marketing, marketing, quality and promote product sales

   In this technology is highly developed society, various forms of promotional activities and are no longer unique skills, particularly in the highly competitive water purification an industry, if there is a new bright spot in what will soon become the object of trying to copy. Therefore, water purifier dealers in order to become leader in the competition, it is necessary to maintain their own style, to find resonance with consumers from the details in order to gain the trust of consumers, increase the successful operation of the chips.

   For example, some water purifier dealers attaches great importance to dress and image problems of its own staff and to meet consumer tastes from the dress, a serious attitude in life of people, treat the cause should be more rigorous, general such dealers tend to give consumers more opportunity to understand, then the chances of the deal will greatly improve. If the dealers own positioning, then your own agency brand image will inevitably be greatly reduced. Some water purifier dealers will very concerned with their customer base, customer care from the subtle, full use of the existing network of micro letter, QQ platform to maintain interaction with customers. As often send some of the profile to keep warm, rain and other travel information carefully, or have purchased regularly ask customers to use, always put the customer as a friend to care, then some will not even temporarily as clients, but as time Over accumulated feelings, the chance of a referral is very high.

   pay close attention to administrative details so that the water purifier targeted marketing

   now water purifier store, a small team of 3-5 people, large 10-20 people, no longer the previous mom and pop, as long as control of their third acre of land, but to become a successful manager, store operations to maintain. With Chinas economic take-off, and now people are no longer looking for a job is very difficult to do, So the water purifier dealers how to retain their useful talents is the key to a successful business. First, the stores management should have a stringent evaluation mechanism, reward and punishment system should be clear and can carry out place. Because only strict management to ensure the performance, the performance only go up, employees can grow and get higher returns.

   but now face stiff competition in the market, the pressure on staff is particularly large. So dealers emotional need to give more care and warmth, genuine care staff from the subtle. For example, when an employee dealers often send small birthday gift, depending on the preferences of different people, a pressing need for their employees when they or family members have difficulties. In their daily work, at any time noticed the emotional dynamic staff, regular communication, so that they learn at work, the workers must not only feel the warmth of the team can get experience and development.

   In fact, as consumers are mostly amateurs, really let the water purifier is not just interested in the product itself, but sales of personal water purification products, simply because more people believe that selling products, this product was approved, thus recognizing the water purifier brand. So we requested water purifier dealers not only for their high standards and strict requirements for the management of the team should improve from the details of operation of such auto road will Yimapingchuan.

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