Seven tips to improve your water purifiesales in stor

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As people gradually increase awareness of healthy drinking water, water purification industry has shown broad prospects, because the water purifier to green energy, efficient, functional and drinking bottled water instead of gradually become the mainstream of the moment way of drinking water. Many investors realizing its huge market potential, water purifiers have chosen to join the agency, while the industrys hot also led to increased competition, the water purifier franchisees how to better the water purifier sold it? Here, according to their years of experience carefully summed up seven tips to improve your water purifier sales in stores, hoping to give the majority of agents help.

   First, customer enthusiasm for the initiative to explain the

   that many consumers will have to buy this awareness, shop around, even though many consumers interested in buying water purifiers, will not quickly sign orders, always be more to choose one, choose selected product color, style, function. At this time, the salesman to change strategy, leave aside the question of the order in favor of enthusiastic help each other pick the color, style and function, as long as solve the problem, I believe that your order will get.

   Second, the use of "fear can not buy" mentality

   Many consumers have such a mentality, the more things get, the more it wants. The salesman can use this psychology to get orders. For example, a salesman can align customer said: "This product only last section, the more popular recently, no longer purchase the short term, you do not buy, there is no" or he said: "Today, this product offers price deadline, please take the opportunity tomorrow, this product will not enjoy the discounted price. "

   Third, assuming that potential customers have agreed to purchase

   When potential customers again to buy signal, but undecided undecided, we can use "choose one" technique. For example, salespeople can be trained customer said: "I ask you to that section of the red or the blue section, paragraph water purifier water purifier it?" Or: "What is a Friday or Saturday to help send you to your home to install it? "this" two alternatively one "questioning technique, as long as the potential customer is selected, in fact, you help him make a decision, determined to buy.

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