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  Why replace a home water purifier filter? You can not change it Author: Tim net water purification Views: 1242 Published: 2014-3-23 9:59:27 As people gradually increased to the concept of healthy drinking water, household water purifiers slowly walked into family life , hoping to improve the status of drinking water at home. Many people may not understand the deep water purifier, and even some people in the purchase and installation of household water purifiers forget to replace the filter, Tim net household water purification equipment, experts advise, go on like this could lead to water getting dirty. Why replace a home water purifier filter? Some time ago a customer called to say, the family installed a water purifier for some time, the recent discovery of water smaller than before, do not know why, after-sales service personnel Tim net household water purification equipment introduction, use water purifiers after a period of time is required to change the filter element with recently is preparing to remind filter replacement time. There are many different filter types, such as activated carbon is relatively common, it is possible to remove the heavy metals in water, so that the water reaches the clean effect. But now there are a lot of manufacturers, but its replacement time has been exaggerated. Tim expert net household water purification equipment reminder, the general water purifier filter replacement time only an approximate data, in fact, the replacement time needed to determine the specific circumstances at home use. According to World Health Organization reported that tap water contains organic matter up to 765 kinds, most of which are harmful substances, although tap water after a treatment, but for the removal of some chemical pollutants, heavy metals and other very low. Although the water purifier as water purification equipment, but note that the water purifier filter need for timely replacement. Activated carbon adsorption effect, when a certain limit of use, the adsorption capacity will be reduced, if the replacement is not timely, then, before the release of the adsorbed water will flush. Tian net household water purification equipment expert advice, usually replaced every six months or so, but the exact time will depend on local water quality, household water consumption, etc. to decide. Tim net water purifier in the service will regularly inform customers filter replacement, if you feel that home water purifiers use up to a certain limit, timely service and Tim net water purifier, replace the filter in time to avoid delay water quality family life.

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