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Many parents believe that unsanitary water, and use pure water and mineral water to the baby powdered milk, thinking that with health. In fact they undermine the nutrition of milk itself, adding to the burden of the babys kidneys.


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1, mineral water: effects of early childhood digestive function


Recently, there is a kind of news: a mother has been using mineral water to the baby powdered milk, the results one day, she found the 1-year-olds a sudden hematuria. Go to the hospital for a check, and was told the baby to drink mineral water often related.


In this regard, the doctor pointed out, not long-term drinking mineral water, especially in infants and young children. The basic elements in mineral water standard is designed for adults, not for its content and the proportion of infants, babies if long-term heavy drinking, will increase the burden on the kidneys. The babys kidneys already yet to develop improved, the worst case can cause hematuria, increase the risk of kidney stones.


Experts also said that mineral water more because of their mineral content, and complex, phosphate, calcium phosphate too, baby digestive function is not perfect, if long-term use of mineral water reconstituted powdered milk, can cause baby indigestion or constipation, but also hinder the absorption of nutrients in milk. In addition, high sodium baby drinking mineral water, also affects brain development.


2, pure water: effects of nutrient absorption


Some families will be bottled pure water as a long-term drinking water, and milk for the baby to brew with pure water. But experts point out that not only pure water without any trace elements, when excreted, but also the part of the body of beneficial minerals and trace elements away. For more parenting knowledge) long-term drinking water intake will reduce the absorption and number of beneficial elements of the baby of minerals, such as fluorine. The right amount of fluoride in tap water can reduce the rate of tooth decay in infants.


3, the following four kinds of water to powdered milk can not be used


In addition to mineral water and pure water is not suitable for long-term drinking other than powdered milk to the baby, the water can not be used 4 powdered milk :


1) again boiled water. Repeat or repeated boil water to boil, the higher concentration of nitrate and nitrite, which is caused by evaporation of water and concentrated.


2), or place a long water refluxed. Placing a long time (more than 12 to 24 hours) in vacuum flask (pot) In water, or water left roller bottle, easy to bacterial contamination, and to increase the conversion of nitrate nitrate alkylene.


3) Household water softener treated water. This kind of apparatus in principle removal of calcium and magnesium ions are mostly salt (sodium) to replace that water sodium (salt) is too large, is not conducive to the baby kidney.


4) filtered out of the water home water filters. Because they can not timely cleaning and testing, a large quantity of water filters is likely to bacteria, resulting in water contamination.


4, experts suggest that the best selection of tap water rushed formula


powdered milk for the baby to eat, what kind of brewing water, the water temperature is controlled at the number of degrees, a red number milliliter are all luxurious, can not be taken lightly. Some mothers but do very casual, a waste of milk and affect the baby to eat, should be promptly corrected.


Experts believe: the body from the water on calcium absorption rate can reach 90%, red formula best selection of boiled tap water.


At present the family with tap water after a scientific process, quality standards. After the boiling water, allowed to cool to about 40 鈩? drops inside of the wrist does not cool hot, most suitable for the baby to drink. While the temperature is too high, such exceed 50 鈩?will destroy some nutrients in milk powder, milk especially those containing an active ingredient an immune (such as those containing bifidobacteria), and whey protein coagulation temperature will make easy to absorb. But also directly with hot water, doing so will not only block the nipple milk powder agglomeration, affect the baby smoking.

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