Run Levin water purifiers to participate iShunde Expo iqufeu

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   Shunde District of Foshan City, Chinas home appliance industry is concentrated, March 24 --26 May 2018 China (Shunde) Household Appliances Expo held in Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition is South Chinas largest and most influential appliances far the integrated nature of the show.

   Levin carrying run whole house water purification products exhibition, exhibits a pre-filter comprising a laminated patented design, the central water softeners, household net tap, national patent bathing water softener , the central water feature unique and superior performance of the RO machines.

   which, for the first time in the South China exhibition to F67N central water control valve as the core controller, by a lot of attention. F67N control valve independently developed by the new company run, has a unique intelligent leak autistic features, can effectively reduce the risk of leaks central water purifier home improvement, home help users prevent diffuse water. In addition, also has a focus function of autistic intelligence leak laminated pre-filter also show its subversive innovative design and efficient backwash advantage of features attracted many industry colleagues enjoyed.

   concept of whole house water purification has been in the industry formed as one of the rare few main brand whole house water purification products, Lai Yun not only product categories, all models, and more is completely independent R & D strength, is rapidly emerging. Run Levin more friends willing to join hands to create a better tomorrow whole house water purification

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