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  [Tim] net classroom every day you drink tap water really healthy? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 303 Published: 2018-8-23 16:28:04 At present, my countrys urban residents tap water is water (including drinking water including) water supply main channel. Water is taken from the river, river, and lake water, the water plant through water treatment plants purification, disinfection, sterilization treatment, drinking water production out of line with national standards for people living, production and water use. We can say that tap water is through multi-channel process, and produced by professional equipment drinking water. Its processing is very complicated, the source water must first be extracted from water into rivers and lakes (different regions of different water intake, drinking water quality a direct impact area): Then after precipitation, filtration, disinfection, storage (clear reservoir), then enter the high-pressure pump to send water pipe (now the state to use PP pipe, rather than the previously used iron pipes, iron pipes because prolonged use will rust, it is likely to cause serious secondary pollution); Finally shunt leading to the user. The whole process to go through several water quality testing, in some places even after the second pressure, the secondary disinfection user to enter the home. At this stage, water disinfection, except that chlorine disinfection, there are chlorine dioxide, ozone disinfection and sterilization. The world safer method of water disinfection ozone disinfection, but the cost of this treatment method is too expensive and ozone-treated water and its retention time is limited. How long to retain, there is not a precise concept. So, now only a few developed countries only use this approach. General countries use the chloride for water disinfection, public water main purpose is to prevent the chlorinated water-borne diseases, has a better production techniques and equipment, has become a routine sterilization. Chlorine soluble in water, combined with water, hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid, play a major role in the whole sterilization process hypochlorite. Odor of inorganic substance, it can be completely disinfected oxide; for a natural living material, such as algae, bacteria concerned, it can penetrate the cell wall, which oxidizing enzyme system (enzyme biocatalyst), it loss of activity, effectively kill the bacteria. Chlorine for water disinfection sterilization effect is not only good, but also lower the cost of this treatment method. However, with the BranchThe development of science and technology, the study found that chlorine used for water disinfection, there are still some drawbacks. The results demonstrated that the chlorine residue residue with water easily become the new compounds harmful substances. So, in the end what to drink water in order to ensure that our health? Need to remind people like to drink tea, because the tap water contains chlorine used to disinfect and other harmful substances, stay longer in the water pipes in tap water also contains more iron quality. When the iron ion content in water is more than 5%, it will cause brown tea, and the tea chloride polyphenols effect, another layer of "rust oil" surface will tea, bitter taste drink up. Therefore, the water purifier using the water purification, in order to become a better tea water.

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