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   Commercial Industry Research Institute released "2018--2023 Chinas water purifier market prospects and investment opportunities research report" shows that in 2017 China water purifier market reached 27.1 billion yuan, an increase of 33.2%, in 2018 China or water purifier sales volume will exceed 33 billion yuan. Such figures are not surprising. In fact, now more and more families have been fitted with a water purifier, or is in the process picked 鈹€鈹€ After all, in their view, nothing is more important than the quality of the entrance.

   but the question is, whether the water purifier market standards? How many people know how to buy a water purifier it?


   mandatory national standards delineated water efficiency control red line

   November 2 last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued GB34914-2017 "anti permeate water purifier and water efficiency limit efficiency rating of "national standards. The criteria for the implementation of the most stringent water management system, draw a red line strict control of water use efficiency, will come into effect in November 2018.

   With the improvement of living standards population, there is growing attention to the needs and consumption of drinking water quality, water purification machines also will continue to grow. Among them, reverse osmosis water purifier because of high water quality, market share has reached 60% of sales, manufacturers nearly 4000, annual sales of more than 10 million units. Such products to a reverse osmosis membrane element as the main purified by multi-stage filtration, to purify the purpose, while producing partially concentrated wastewater.

   In one aspect provides a new national standard water efficiency of detection and calculation, on the other hand the effect of water into five, level 1 to level 5 from the 60%, 55%, 50%, 45% and 35%, 5 aquaculture net rate of red water, i.e. water efficiency limit value. By setting the water efficiency limit, it will eliminate at least 30% of the high water consumption products, preliminary estimates annual water over 100 million cubic meters. According to the survey, the current average efficiency of domestic water purifier market sales of less than 20%, double the average expected after implementation of standards, more than 40%.

   At the same time, also set up water-saving advanced standard value, leading the industry to enhance water efficiency. Reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency standards in grade 2 water-saving evaluation value that is 55%, as a leading indicator advanced and efficient water-saving products, will encourage enterprises to improve technology, by improving overall product quality to meet higher watereffect.


   How to buy a water purifier experts for your support recipe

   First of all, the water quality should be selected according to their specific circumstances in which areas. For example water quality of the North hard, but relatively not serious pollution, water quality home residents still. Divided by the core technology, it can be divided into water purifier ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. I.e., ultrafiltration using ultrafiltration technology of water purification equipment. Nanofiltration water purifier is employed nanofiltration membrane pressure difference as the driving force, as a nanofiltration membrane filtration water purifier filter. Reverse osmosis is a pressure higher than the osmotic pressure as a driving force, using a selective membrane permeable only selected water impermeable solute permeability, the process water from the water molecules of the solute separation. Reverse osmosis water purification unit can not only impurities, rust, colloid, bacteria, virus removed, will also harmful radioactive particles, organic substances, fluorescent substances, pesticides repellent, and removing unwanted heavy metals and alkaline water. Generally, reverse osmosis water purifier purifying effect better, the price is relatively expensive. But water quality water purifier for the North, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration technology also meet the daily life, not necessarily choose the strongest purification capacity reverse osmosis water purifier.

   Next, consider the flux of the water purifier. The so-called flux, that is how much traffic within a certain period of time water purifier filter out of the water. And the effect is similar to tap water when a large flux products to consumers a better experience. At present, the products have been flux is an important development trend of the water purifier market, but due to the large flux modest technical barriers, product scale is also growing, so the return to the price, but not necessarily high above.

   Third, the introduction of the new national standard, water efficiency will be one of the most important concerns when purchasing. Experts suggest that, from the perspective of saving, of course, higher water efficiency rating of the product is more worth buying, but on the other hand, higher water efficiency rating, the more expensive price of the product, and therefore also integrated its own budget. In addition, blindly focus only on water efficiency rating is unreasonable, because the purification efficiency and technical competence not only products, but also on water quality and is closely related to the more serious water pollution, the more waste water filtration. Currently on the market of pure water and wastewater ratio of one to one product for the mainstream, more and more brands at the same time to three to one, four to one standard or even move.

   Fourth, but also concerned about the life of the filter element when choosing a water purifier.Some people have said that the new national standard floor, some of the technical strength of the weakness of the business in order to pursue high water-efficient products, it is possible at the expense of the cost of filter life. For example, the product itself should change the filter for three years, but under the pressure of high water efficiency, filter life significantly reduced, a year need to be replaced, it is more harm than good for the consumer, after all, now a filter ranging from a few hundred dollars, as many as a thousand dollars.


   water purifier overall price will go up one or two percent

   The industry is well known, the technical threshold is not high water purifier 鈹€鈹€ the national standard, although the water efficiency standards to go up, but the implementation of the technical difficulty, for many large enterprises, nor is unattainable height. Therefore, more people believe that the new national standard for the industrys regulatory role is very obvious, while high-end products, the industry will play a leading role.


   consumers are most concerned about is price. Then, after the new national standard, water purifier prices will rise yet? Experts admitted that the market price of the upgrade is inevitable. However, the battle flag represents the so-called price increases, price increases are not simply the original old products, but all brand new, there will be more expensive pricing. "On one hand, the past two years, prices of various raw materials as well as labor, have had a significant effect on the price of the end product; on the other hand, the new national standard will also drive sales of high-end products, its market share increased substantially even millet. quite cost-effective brand, forced by cost pressures, but also to high-end development direction. "

   under these effects, the new national standard, or the market price of the product will go up one to two percent. Water purifier GB from implementation to fully regulate the market will take some time, one year after the implementation of the national standard will be large-scale industry reshuffle, two or three years and then the inside will be affected. Once the new national standard, shuffle formal channels will be relatively faster, but there are some such as rural markets, informal businesses in the short term will continue to operate, so the problem of virtual object will not change immediately, but in the long run , a small channel-branded products will be cleared away a large scale.

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