Water purification industry is becoming more competivendustr

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   China Building Materials News: water purifier industry after more than twenty years of breeding, which features the industry increasingly clear, the development of increasingly mature, the rapid development of the market, industry insiders suspect that after 2016 the water purification industry will be in the following aspects of evolution.


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water purification industry is becoming more competitive industry will be a new transformation (Photo from Internet)

   happened brand war will become more intense

   in recent years, water purifier industry has been recognized by consumers, become annual sales exceeded 50 billion market size of new industries. After the market survival of the fittest, the battle between the water purifier brand has become more intense.

   At present the water purification industry brand, there are four: First professional water purifier brand. This part of the business has its own independent production plant and technical equipment, product research and development strength, and formed its own sales network in the country. Second, cross-industry brand. Subject to market demand, cross-brand vendors started to pay attention and gradually set foot in the water purification industry, in its own brand of R & D technical skills, sales distribution network has been formed, so that when the transition is not difficult. Third, imported brands, with the rapid development of domestic water purifier market, attracting a number of imported brands to enter the Chinese market. Fourth, OEM brand. This class suppliers basically do not have their own production plants and product lines (or production equipment is very simple), basically to buy the machine from the outside, and then affix their own brand sales.

   compete in the brand, the technology has become an important guarantee for enterprises to occupy a favorable terrain in the competition. Water purification technology, quality, appearance has become an important factor affecting consumer choice. As Yaken water purifier, by virtue of strong technology and create their own stylish appearance sought after by consumers, has become a rising star on the water purifier market.

   The current pattern of water purifier market crowded and competitive. But some competitive brands will emerge as the leader.

   electricity supplier to the water purifier business battleground

   into the information age, e-commerce to flourish, many water filter companies realize e-commerce platform will become the main battlefield of the future sales, So they have come up with policies to develop e-commerce.

   water purification products and fast moving consumer goods different from e-commerce development must want to put the user experienceFirst place, therefore, some of the water purifier business encountered a bottleneck in the development of e-commerce.

   and there are many water purifier brand will combine online sales with lower sales line to solve the problem of the user experience the water purification industry in the development of e-commerce O2O mode. O2O model using online Showmanship, customers experience the store to the next line, and then complete the payment online.

   into the all-round development of water purification industry

   data show that: the current water purifier enterprises have gradually involve the edge industry, water purification industry expansion, marginalization has emerged. Many manufacturers in addition to water purification companies specializing in water purification products, but for related products involved are, from terminal manufacturers to distribution channels, formed a research and development, production, exhibition, sale, exchange as a whole, after-sales service to one of the integrated chain, one-stop shopping to meet the water needs of home improvement section.

   Insiders said that with the popular water purification products will drive new products from marginalization, under the conditions of technological innovation, there will be more integrated products appeared on the market in the water purifier industry is becoming more competitive, it would also encourage new water purification industry transformation occurs.

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