On hold -2019 Desalination Engineerg and Technology courses-

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   Directed by:

   China Association of Water Enterprises desalination branch


   Hehai University desalination and utilization of unconventional water resources research center

   extension Hangzhou environmental technology Co., Ltd.


   Tianjin University desalination and membrane technology Research Center

   Adi Ai Qingdao desalination center


   time and place

   training time: 20-24 May 2019

   training Location: Ningbo hotel


   the relevant state ministries and relevant staff of local government departments;

   universities, municipal design at all levels Institute, planning Institute, on behalf of the Institute; personnel

   electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, water conservancy, municipal and other user units;

   domestic and international water treatment companys engineering staff.

   Organization introduced

   Technology Research Center, Tianjin University, desalination and membrane desalination by the famous Chinese expert, Institute of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University doctoral tutor Professor Wang Shichang served as director of the center. Two main center in desalination technologies - distillation and membrane technology methods have in-depth research, and made a number of achievements, have a greater impact at home and abroad. In recent years, big commitment to the national "Nine Five" key aspects of the desalination project, using the waste heat of large desalination and petrochemical engineering, concentrating large-scale renovation project flash device seawater brine and production of chemical products, and energy-efficient marine desalinations research and development, electro-deionization research and development of high water production system, while completing a dozen films about the national Natural Science Foundation of technology and Tianjin Natural Science Foundation. After twenty years of development, it has formed a big force engaged in basic research, technology development and engineering design of desalination experts team and a postdoctoral at school, doctoral and graduate students and other research reserve power.



   domesticStatus and trends outside the desalination industry

   YANG Yan, China Water Enterprises Association Branch Secretary desalination

   cost-effective desalination process

   Wang Shuangcheng, Israel IDE, China, General Manager

   desalination reverse osmosis system design and optimization WAVE software

   DuPont water desalination solutions and case Study

   DuPont water near zero emissions innovative solutions introduction

   Zhaorui Jun, DuPont water solutions division (formerly Dow water solutions Division), technical services manager

   "marching to the 71% blue - Talk desalination technology "

   how to design reasonable desalination system

   commissioning of the desalination project to share experiences

   desalination equipment operation and maintenance but also how to do

   containerized desalination technology products and case Studies

   Tan Bin, the Hangzhou extension environmental technology Co., Ltd., general manager of the

   reverse osmosis concentrated water disposal and zero-emission technologies

   bear China and Japan, national energy Group, Beijing Institute of low-carbon clean energy, water treatment, technical director, Dr.

   film of ultra-high-fold enrichment technology introduction and case Studies

   Huangzhuan Min, British extension of water technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., technical manager

   desalination technology and energy recovery devices

   Wang Yue, desalination and membrane technology research center of Tianjin University, Prof.

   energy recovery in desalination and zero emissions application system

   left Ping, the US energy recovery company, chief

   to optimize the selection process of desalination pump introduction

   Wang Rongchuan, Sulzer pumps (China ) water division manager

   tons of sea water desalination project site teaching



   live pictures

   [ 123] item purposes: industrial water and domestic water

   item water: water TDS 29000 ~ 34000 mg / l; Turbidity 鈮?1NTU

   Routing: pretreatment (flocculation mixing 鈫?鈫?鈫?Filter the precipitate was filtered process) + sand filter and mineralization after a SWRO 鈫?

   The teaching site for from water desalination projects, pre-commissioning, desalination body and post-processing systems, operation optimization expand, so that students fully understand the experience of project implementation and management of critical system parameters are set, such as the failure of the investigation.

   (Source: International Water Exhibition Center - the public number, invasion deleted)

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